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Whitney Johnson to Speak in Mauritius


On Friday, November 18, 2016 The American Campus will be proudly hosting celebrated speaker and business management thinker Whitney Johnson from the United States at the Hennessey Park Hotel in Ebene for a conference detailing the methods of her book, “Disrupt Yourself”.

At this workshop, Ms. Johnson will present the case for driving innovation through personal disruption, including an explanation of the S-curve, the psychology of disruption, and an overview of the seven accelerants. By harnessing the power of personal disruption, Ms. Johnson can help participants move from stuck to unstuck and restate value for their organizations where it did not before exist.

To learn more and register for the event, visit the following website: http://www.tacampus.us/bookwhitney/

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PRESS RELEASE – September 29, 2016


Port Louis, Mauritius, September 29, 2016 – In partnership with American universities, a new higher education institution, The American Campus, will begin classes in January 2017 in Ebene, Cybercity, Mauritius.

Headed by a group of U.S. educators and administrators with vast and varied experience in higher education in the U.S. and around the globe, The American Campus will offer a certificate of English as a Second Language (ESL) in partnership with Sacred Heart University, located in Connecticut, USA. Bachelor degrees in Agribusiness and International Agribusiness, in partnership with Utah State University in Utah, USA, will begin before May 2017.

Students enrolled at The American Campus will study the same curriculum as students attending US university partners, allowing for intellectual exchanges with students from around the globe and access to library resources, alumni networks, and graduate education opportunities.

“I’m a firm believer that the best thing we can do for developing areas of the world is to give people access to education in programs that prepare people to work,” Spalding Jugganaikloo, a native Mauritian and the president and founder of The American Campus, said. “Education brings economic development, peace and long-term opportunities. Our goal is to train future business and political leaders in the region.”

Jugganaikloo said although there are other universities in Mauritius, many people leave their homes to attend schools in the United States and Europe and then tend to stay there for employment. His goal has long been to make education accessible in Mauritius for the people there and from other Sub-Saharan African countries.

“We are very excited to be partnered with TAC in its genesis,” Carrie Wojenski, interim director of the English Language Institute at Sacred Heart University, stated. “Our ESL collaboration provides SHU and TAC students an enriching opportunity to connect in the classroom, learn from one another and engage in meaningful exchange.”

Tuition costs for the ESL program will be approximately $4,900 (Rs 173,558) for one year of instruction, and tuition costs for the bachelor degrees will be approximately $6,600 (Rs 233,772) per year, a substantial savings over tuition costs in the United States at equivalent universities.

For media inquiries, please contact Kristin Dahlin at kristin@tacampus.us

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Career TEAM, LLC & The American Campus Announce Partnership To Develop Job Ready Graduates in Africa & Asia

Originally posted April 7, 2016 – Career TEAM, LLC, a nationally recognized workforce development consultant group and The American Campus (TAC) today announced plans to partner in The American Campus Innovation Center initiative to bring Workforce Readiness tools and resources into the TAC student experience. Under this partnership, TAC students will complete their degrees “interview ready” and with tools to aid in the career search process. This Career TEAM created program entitled, “Career EDGE,” includes access 15 retention promoting modules covering student success strategies and career readiness topics. Students will also have access to a customized resume builder, simulated online job application, and an interactive e-Portfolio.

Per TAC President, Spalding Jugganaikloo, “The Mission of The American Campus is to provide quality higher education, and prepare our students for employment. We realize that a strong element of a student’s employability has to do with their confidence, personal branding, and soft skills. The Career EDGE provides students with real life experience in these areas and will allow their professional development to improve throughout the student life-cycle.”

In addition to the Career EDGE curriculum partnership, Career TEAM is committed to TAC’s vision for developing the next generation of leaders in the region. As such, Career TEAM Education President, Micaela Alpers, will speak at TAC’s annual summit and facilitate workshops with a focus on developing women in leadership.

Career TEAM, LLC (CTL): Founded in 1996, is a team of nationally renowned innovators and thought leaders assembled to develop cost effective solutions to the critical issue of the nation’s growing opportunity divide. CTL provides education and government with technology based career management solutions to the mounting challenge of self-sufficiency and gainful employment and retention. Through various offerings, CTL has served over 250,000 post-secondary students, 50,000+ government funded individuals and 10,000+ education and government staff professionals. Previously recognized by INC MAGAZINE as one of the U.S.’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies, CTL has received numerous honors and commendations including: one of the nation’s Top 10 welfare to work intermediaries by the National Welfare to Work Partnership and recipient of the US Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise Award. Career T.E.A.M. has also been profiled by several national media sources including CBS 60 Minutes, CNN, The Employment and Training Reporter and The National Alliance of Business Work America.

The American Campus is a newly created tertiary institution founded by US educators. It designed to offer a high quality, cost-effective education to Sub-Saharan African and Asian students. TAC is committed to educating students to be thoughtful, creative individuals ready to work, live and succeed in an ever-changing and competitive world. In addition to providing an excellent educational experience, the goal of the university is to prepare students for immediate entry into the workplace.

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ESL Program to Be Offered at New African University

Originally posted May 26, 2016 on Sacred Heart University website.

English as a Second Language at Sacred Heart University - photo by Tracy Deer-Mirek 4/18/16

English as a Second Language at Sacred Heart University – photo by Tracy Deer-Mirek 4/18/16

The English Language Institute at Sacred Heart University has partnered with The American Campus (TAC) in Mauritius, Africa, to provide SHU’s online English as a Second Language (ESL) program to TAC’s students.

The American Campus is a new university founded by American educators and based on the American higher-education model. While its mission is to provide superior education that prepares students for the workforce, it describes its goals on its website as manifold: “To educate and strengthen Africa and Asia’s human capital to promote and sustain both continents’ role in the global economy; train students to be productive citizens and active participants in their country’s development; prepare our students for gainful employment; teach ethical values and good governance, and prepare them to be future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

The TAC further states on its website that it chose to partner with Sacred Heart because of SHU’s high-quality ESL programs. It also has partnered with Utah State University’s agribusiness and international agribusiness programs.

Carrie Wojenski, interim director of the English Language Institute, says this partnership offers TAC students ESL courses to increase their English language proficiency to prepare them to enroll in undergraduate and graduate studies at TAC.

“We are very excited to be partnered with TAC in its genesis,” Wojenski adds. “Our ESL collaboration provides SHU and TAC students an enriching opportunity to connect in the classroom, learn from one another and engage in meaningful exchange.”

The program is not credit-bearing; rather, students will receive a certificate of completion that prepares them for credit-bearing courses. The program comprises four levels, each containing four months of coursework, including presentations and activities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

Mauritius’ literacy rate is among the highest in the continent. It ranks first among Sub-Saharan African countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index. In addition, the Heritage Foundation ranks Mauritius first in Sub-Saharan Africa in its Index of Economic Freedom.

For more information about the online ESL program, click here.

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USU Agribusiness Degrees Will Prepare Students in Mauritius and Beyond

Originally published: April 26, 2016 on Utah State Today Utah State University is partnering with a new higher education institution in Mauritius, making USU’s agribusiness and international agribusiness programs in the Department of Applied Economics the first to offer four-year degrees from an American university in that country. USU President Stan Albrecht and President Spalding […]

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