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Master in Architecture
Partner: Fairmount State University

The American Campus has partnered with Fairmont State University for this quality Master’s degree in Architecture (M. Arch). Architecture consists of an examination of the processes of design, systems of construction, relationships to environmental, social, historical and geographical context, and an understanding of behaviorism and symbolism. The Master of Architecture degree program at Fairmont State has a focus on the cultural, geographic, and historical conditions that distinguish the character of the Appalachian Region, and provides an opportunity to address concerns relevant to the revitalization of smaller cities and towns, particularly those within a more rural environment. The curriculum further provides opportunities for research and project applications in sustainable and green design principles. The program advocates an examination of the past, in order to prepare for the present and future challenges in architecture.

Admission Requirements:

Master of Architecture Requirements:

  • Completion of a four-year pre-professional degree in architecture or equivalent.
    • An equivalent program would consist of a program of study similar to a pre-professional degree in architecture but not recognized as such by NAAB.
    • An equivalent degree should consist of approximately 90-96 credit hours of architecture content courses and 45 credit hours of general studies.
  • Scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) The submitted score must be no more than five years old.
  • Language Proficiency Testing must be taken by international students in which English is not the primary language.
    • Paper based TOEFL score must not be less than 550 and IBT (Internet-Based) TOEFL must not be less than 79 for admission.
    • IELTS scores must not be less than 6.5 for admission.
  • Three letters of reference with a minimum of two from undergraduate architecture instructors. The third may be from a professional acquaintance.
  • A portfolio containing examples of the applicant’s creative/design work.
  • A letter of intent summarizing the student’s purpose in pursuing the M.Arch degree.

Additional Requirements for international students:

  • Provide a copy of bank statement showing proof of funding
  • Students must pass all the health examinations as set forth by the Mauritian government
  • Students must meet Mauritius visa requirements

Course List:

Year 1

Semester 1:

  • WRIT 101 College Writing I
  • M 121 College Algebra
  • PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy
  • BIOB 101 Discover Biology

Semester 2:

  • PHIL 110 Ethics
  • PHSX 105 Fundamentals of Physical Science
  • PHSX 106 Fundamentals of Physical Science Lab
  • PYSX 100 Introduction to Psychology

Year 2

Semester 3:

  • WRIT 201 College Writing II
  • ARTH 160 Global Visual Culture: Art Appreciations
  • ENSC 105 Environmental Science
  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology

Semester 4:

  • CRWR 240 Intro to Creative Writing
  • STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics
  • SOCI 201 Social Problems
  • PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology

With a Master’s degree in Architecture, students can pursue the following careers:

  • Architect
  • Landscape architect
  • Postsecondary Architecture Teacher
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Architectural Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • Building surveyor
  • Commercial/residential surveyor
  • Planning and development surveyor

*Master of Architecture degree is still under TEC Approval

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