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Full Stack Web Development

  TAC Admin   Apr 10, 2018   Training   Comments Off on Full Stack Web Development

Skills You Will Develop:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery

About the course:

Students are coached and trained in the best practices to find employment in the tech industry, including resume work, networking, technical interviewing and more. Students will be trained on understanding, manipulating and creating querying databases and APIs. Graduates who meet the completion requirements will receive a Full Stack Web Development  certificate of completion.

Students enrolled in this course will be connected to american students taking the same course at Bottega and will work on projects from software development from slate.

This course is offered in collaboration with Botegga.tech a training center in the US  


Students will have the opportunity to work on projects from AmeriSoft a software development firm

Pertinent Information:

Fee:  10,000 USD International  –   90,000 MUR Mauritians *

*students who do not qualify for HRDC refund will be allocated a special discount upon complete payment of the fee before start of course. Please contact our office on 4631573 or email us on info@tac.education for more details.

Payment plan: Available

Duration: 3 months

Schedule:  35-40  hours in class each week

*This is a project based course, students will be expected to complete a project as part of the requirements

MQA approved


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