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English as a Second Language
Partner: Sacred Heart University

This program is a full time program of 30 hours a week has four levels and is generally completed in 16 months. It provides excellent instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to all students who are non-native speakers of English, and to help them achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals, while recognizing and addressing the students’ individualized educational needs and cultural backgrounds.

Each level comprises 13-16 modules each lasting 1 week, with 20 hours of instructions and 10 hours of additional activities. A hybrid approach to instruction will be utilized, which will leverage online, individualized instruction and in-class active learning applications. The delivery model includes online instruction, classroom instructions, writing labs, and field activities.

Admission Requirements:

  • Fill out the Application;
  • Copy of high school (secondary school) transcripts;
  • A signed statement of conduct;
  • Test scores from any English proficiency examinations you may have taken;

Additional Requirement for International Students:

  • A copy of bank statements showing proof of funding;
  • Students must pass all the health examinations as set forth by the Mauritian government;
  • Students must meet Mauritius visa requirements;

Course Focus

The program covers grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing.

Grammar: Emphasizes immediate application of grammatical forms and meanings. A variety of exercises will be used to practice sentence patterns, clauses, verbs, and other written forms. This class offers intensive review and practice of grammar exercises.

Vocabulary: Expands students use of general, day-to- day, real-world, and work-related vocabulary applications as well as idiomatic phrases.

Listening Comprehension: Strengthens students’ necessary language and preparation skills to develop their confidence in oral communications. Students have the flexibility to focus on their own interest area or business concentration as topics for study.

Speaking: Concentrates on speaking clearly and accurately. All aspects of language are addressed: sounds, stress, rhythms, and intonations.

Pronunciation: Students will practice and understand English pronunciation and learn to communicate fluently by reducing their own accent.

Reading Comprehension: Implements contemporary fiction and non-fiction as a base upon which to build students’ reading comprehension, vocabulary, and ability to discuss ideas. Students are expected to understand the written material and respond verbally and in writing.

Writing: Improve sentence clarity and paragraph organization. Through editing and focusing on revision strategies, students will work toward a complete text that integrates and documents academic sources.

Course Level:

Level 1

Number of Modules: 16

Number of Weeks: 16

Level 1 is designed to teach beginner English in the areas of listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and writing through varied activities that cover skills such as greetings, introducing and describing people, giving directions, asking questions about new things, asking for clarification, making reservations, talking about clothes and possessions, stating preferences, discussing schedules, talking about family, making plans and describing places, talking about past events, discussing jobs and responsibilities, and giving advice.

Level 2

Number of Modules: 16

Number of Weeks: 16

Level 2 is designed to teach low-intermediate English in the areas of listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and writing through varied activities that cover skills such as introducing yourself, talking about quantities, ordering food, discussing personal activities, making small talk, asking for and giving instructions, sympathizing, talking about health, asking for and giving directions, confirming plans, giving suggestions, discussing relationships, discussing housing, describing culture, and discussing the news.

Level 3

Number of Modules: 13

Number of Weeks: 13

Level 3 is designed to teach high-intermediate English in the areas of listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, “task listening,” pronunciation, reading, and writing through varied activities that cover skills such as proposing ideas, convincing someone to let you do something, giving orders and making requests, making statements about possibility, asking follow-up questions, expressing doubt, asking for and giving permission, offering help, asking for and giving opinions, and expressing necessity.

Level 4

Number of Modules: 13

Number of Weeks: 13

Level 4 is designed to teach advanced English in the areas of listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, “task listening,” pronunciation, reading, and writing through varied activities that cover skills such as changing the subject, asking about and discussing problems and solutions, ending a conversation and saying good-bye, giving compliments, interrupting someone, expressing disagreement and sarcasm, conceding, reminding someone about past events, expressing regret, placing blame, comforting others, expressing different emotions, and discussing intentions and plans.

Learning English as a second language will:

  • Make you more marketable in any career field
  • Open international work opportunities
  • Help you get admitted and graduate from a well-respected Universities

Sample Certificate

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